"This is the safest place I've been in a long time."
"Thank you for the support, encouragement, and active listening of pieces possible for read-around provided by my small group."
"Being trusted to hear other women's stories and experiences is precious."
"May we continue to search for ways to unleash each other's creativity and talent..."
"Gifts: the spirit in the room, the kindness and openness of the group, listening and being heard."
"The gift of safe travel as I write to where I need to go - made possible by the support of women whose pens touch mine with love, challenge, and care."
"Writing helps me become aware - of myself, others, and the world."
"Gifts: anticipating my favorite parts of the semester, and the fellowship with small group."
Women Writing for (a) Change Indianapol‚Äčis
"The gift of this class was the willingness to offer us an authentic glimpse into one another's lives and hearts."